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Welcome to the Fantasy LCS! Fantasy LCS allows you to build a dream team of your favorite LCS players and battle your friends in head-to-head matches throughout each LCS split.

  • Make a dream team of your favorite players and see how they fare against your friends' teams!
  • Create or join multiple Leagues and draft your team from scratch!

Drafting and Login Issues

Playing Fantasy LCS


Drafting and Login Issues


Can multiple people draft from the same computer?

Yes! You will have to use multiple browsers or features similar to that of Google Chrome's Incognito mode.

Can I delete or reset drafts?

Nope. :( You will have to start over.

My draft is frozen during a pick turn!

Refresh your browser and it should clear up.


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Playing Fantasy LCS


Who can participate in Fantasy LCS?

Anyone who has a League of Legends account can participate in Fantasy LCS. Also, there are no server restrictions on joining Fantasy LCS Leagues!

Can I chat with or leave messages for other owners in my league?

Yes, there is a chat box that will allow you to message the other players in the League. Once you have selected your league, view your league's chat by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the top right (as pictured below). There is a chat box for each of your leagues.

Screenshot showing Chat icon is located to the far right of the Fantasy LCS website

Can I draft players from LPL, OGN Champions or GPL? I want Faker!

Nope, only players from the NA and EU LCS are available.

Can I create a league/start a draft after the LCS season starts?

Yes! If you join after the start of the split, any weeks that have already occurred (or are currently underway) will not be counted.

What happens if I transfer my account?

If you transfer, you will have to restart your league :(

Can I trade players with other owners in my league?

Trading is now supported and can be accessed from the "TRADE" tab at the top of the page.

How many leagues can I join or create?

Right now we have a hard limit of 20 Leagues you can join or create.

Can I create a league and draft players after the LCS season starts?

Yes! However, players drafted will not be scored on matches that have already been played.

Can I delete my league?

You can only delete a league if you haven’t drafted yet. To delete your league, go “My League” on the Fantasy LCS website and click the “Delete League” button.

Screenshot showing where to delete your created League in the Fantasy LCS Website

How do I kick a player from my League? How do I leave a League?

At this time, there is no way for players leave or kick another player from a league they joined. It's something on our backlog for development based on player feedback, but, unfortunately, we don't have it in place right now.

Can I rename my league?

No, you cannot rename your league.

Can I rename my team?

Yes, you can! You can change your teams name under “My League” on the Fantasy LCS website.

Screenshot showing where to rename your created League in the Fantasy LCS Website

How do I set my roster?

You can set and change your roster at any point before matches start for that week. As soon as matches start your roster will be locked for that week. Since EU and NA start on different days, plays in each league will be "locked" on different days. So make sure to check your active roster before for NA and EU players before the week starts or your players might end up on the bench.

How do I win?

You can read about the Fantasy LCS rules and mechanics here:

Are there any rewards for the winner of the League?

There are no rewards for Fantasy LCS participants, winner or otherwise. We'll let you know if this changes.

Are the playoffs included in the Fantasy LCS season?

No, only regular-season matches (before playoffs) count for your fantasy league.

How are team points scored?

Team points are totaled from all the matches any given team plays.

My team’s points are not updated!

It can up to 10 minutes for the points to update and catch up after the match is over. Please be patient!

Where can I leave my feedback?

Right here:


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