Champion Pricing Overview

Champion prices are determined by release date and difficulty level, with newer, more complex champions generally getting priced higher while older, easier champs are generally lower. Check our Champion Pricing Update for more details on the "why" behind this system, or continue below to see the "how."

BE/RP Price Tiers

Champion prices are divided into a fixed set of tiers that factor in both complexity and how long that champion has been out.

  • 450 BE / 260 RP - Champions that are great for new players and have been out for multiple seasons. Examples include Malphite, Miss Fortune, and Yuumi.
  • 1350 BE / 585 RP - Slightly more complex champs that still have a moderate skill floor. Lots of fan favorites here, like Yasuo, Lucian, and Sett.
  • 3141 BE / 790 RP - Carefully calculated for the most geometrically savvy champion (Vel'Koz)
  • 3150 BE / 790 RP - Champions with a steeper learning curve or highly specialized kits, like LeBlanc, Shaco, and Yorick
  • 4444 BE / 880 RP - Four fours? Truly, the perfect tier. (Jhin)
  • 4800 BE / 880 RP - The tier for the majority of champions.
  • 6300 BE / 975 RP - Champions that have come out in the past two seasons, after which they move to the above tier in the next season.
  • 7800 BE / 975 RP - The initial price for all champions, which drops to the above tier after one week.

Note that there are a few exceptions to the tiers above where a champion's RP price is actually lower than it should be given their BE price. This is typically done with older champs whose play styles don't jive well with new players, so the higher BE price encourages newbies to give their purchase some thought while the lower RP price will still make these champs accessible to those who really want them.

First Week Blue Essence Price

All brand new champions cost 7800 BE/975 RP for the first week, after which they drop to 6300 BE/975 RP.

Price Reduction Schedule

As mentioned above, most champions follow this price cycle:

Week 1: 7800 BE / 975 RP
Season 1 & 2: 6300 BE / 975 RP
Season 3+: 450–4800 BE/ 260–880 RP, depending on data from new/returning players and other metrics

Champions that have VGUs (Visual/Gameplay Updates like Fiddlesticks, Udyr, or Mundo), CGUs (Core Gameplay Updates like Aurelion Sol), or Midscope updates (smaller gameplay updates like Syndra or Rell) that change their tier will also see their prices updated if we feel they’ve become better experiences for new or returning players. This could theoretically result in a champion moving to a higher tier to account for increased complexity (particularly for VGU/CGUs), but this is something we're actively avoiding. In the event we feel this might happen, we will inform you of the pending price change as soon as possible so you'll have plenty of time to snag that champion on the cheap.

Finally, because these price reductions are predetermined, we will not grant pro-active refunds to players who purchase champions prior to their reductions.

Release Year Champions Repriced based on skill level
2024 TBD January 2026
2023 Briar January 2025
2022 K'Sante January 2024
Renata Glasc
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