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Purchasing RP

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Purchasing RP

What payment methods are available?

Here is a list of our most common payment methods:

  • PaySafe Cards
  • Mobile SMS
  • Pre-Paid RP Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Real-Time Banking
  • Direct Debit
  • OpenBucks

We also offer other, region-specific payment methods.

Why is the store rejecting my Pre-paid RP Card code?

At this time, RP cards are only available for the NA, OCE, and EU platforms. RP cards are locked so that they can only be used in the region in which they were purchased; as such, you will not be able to successfully redeem a card on another server.  The only exception to this is cards purchased in the Oceania region, which can be redeemed on the NA server as well as OCE.

Cards must also be properly activated by the merchant at the store upon checkout. Cards that have not been activated will be automatically rejected by our store when you input the code. Only the merchant is able to activate cards, so if you believe a card hasn't been properly activated, contact the vendor through which you purchased the card.

Finally, please be sure you are inputting the code in the right section of the store. Click on the Purchase RP tab and navigate to the Prepaid Cards payment method. When submitting your code, double check to make sure you do not use any spaces or dashes.

Why isn't a specific payment method available in my region?

Generally, if a payment method isn't available in a particular region, it's due to logistical concerns on the part of the payment provider. It could be, for example, that the payment method isn't widely used in that region, so supporting it specifically for League of Legends isn't viable.

We are always trying to expand the available payment methods for our players.  Whenever we do add a payment method to a region, we make sure to announce it on the region's website. This means that a payment method that launches for players on the EUW platform will be announced on the EUW League of Legends website, but it would not be announced on NA.

Purchasing Store Content

Why are some of the skins I see in the Champions tab or during Champion Select not available in the store?

This happens in one of two situations. We usually add images of upcoming skins into the client before they are available, so you can see a skin in Champion Select before it's released.

Alternatively, it could be that the skin you're seeing is not normally available due to being a limited, legacy, or retired skin. Sometimes skins are released for a limited time during an event (e.g. Dragonblade Riven during the 2014 Lunar Revel) and then made unavailable until a later date. Other skins may be unavailable because they are one of our older skins that are now retired. Finally there are some skins that will not be made available again that were earned through promotions or season rewards (e.g. Victorious skins, Championship Riven).

I purchased the Collector's Pack, but I didn't get the skin I was expecting. Where is it?

The Digital Collector's Pack available in the store comes with the Goth Annie skin. The other permanent bundle in the store, the Champions Bundle, comes with Huntress Sivir. If you happen to get a physical copy of the Collector's Pack, you will receive the Silver Kayle skin upon redemption.

Black Alistar and Human Ryze were available only as pre-order exclusives, so they are no longer available.

If I purchase the Collector’s Pack, Champions Bundle, or a different bundle, can I be refunded for the content I already own that is included in the pack?

We introduced flexible cost bundles back in June 2013. If you already own some of the content already in the bundle, the price of the bundle itself will automatically adjust its price. Please note that all bundles have a minimum cost.

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