Howling Abyss (ARAM) FAQ

Basic Info

So, what is the Howling Abyss? And what does ARAM mean?

Howling Abyss is your battlefield, and ARAM is the game mode acronym which means "All Random All Mid." Think of it as a single lane, no-holds-barred battle between two teams of 5. Prepare yourself as a random champion is assigned to each player in this fast-paced, team-fight heavy game mode.

What are the key features and differences on Howling Abyss?

ARAM is unlike any other League game mode in a few different ways:

    1. Hexgates: Players can use Hexgates that are accessed from their Nexus Fountain and transport them quickly to the furthest, first-tier turret. When the first-tier turret goes down, the Hexgate then transports them to the second-tier turret.
    2. Collapsing Turrets: When first-tier turrets collapse, they leave rubble to the north or south side that permanently alter the map for the remainder of the game.
    3. Little Legend Companions: Players of Teamfight Tactics will recognize their favorite Little Legends who join their Champion on the Bridge. These companions are NPCs and just add a little cuteness and personality to every match.

Note: Chibi Champion Little Legends cannot be equipped in ARAM

Doing so could split open the multiverse and we can’t have that!


What champions are included in the champion pool?

We want ARAM to be the random, wild adrenaline rush. As such, the champion pool will contain all of the following 65 champions, along with the current week's free-to-play rotation. 

Aatrox Ahri Akali Amumu Annie
Ashe Brand Braum Caitlyn Cho'Gath
Darius Draven Ekko Ezreal Fiora
Fizz Garen Graves Irelia Janna
Jarvan IV Jax Jhin Jinx Karma
Karthus Katarina Kayle Kha'Zix LeBlanc
Lee Sin Leona Lucian Lulu Lux
Malphite Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune Mordekaiser
Morgana Nautilus Nidalee Pantheon Pyke
Quinn Renekton Riven Ryze Sivir
Sona Soraka Thresh Tristana Tryndamere
Twisted Fate Twitch Varus Vayne Veigar
Vel'Koz Vladimir Wukong Xayah Zed

Where did ARAM come from?

ARAM was originally a custom game type created by players on Summoner's Rift. Because Summoner's Rift is a 3 lane map, players created a rule where all summoners had to meet up and battle in the middle. Players trusted one another to abide by certain restrictions on items, summoner spells, and returning to base. This ended up becoming so popular that it became official. Thus ARAM was born!

What happened to the old ARAM map?

The bridge collapsed from all of the stress and strain from the thousands of battles that took place on it.

Does that mean the Tutorial map will now be on the Howling Abyss?

Actually, the tutorial will be over on Summoner's Rift.


Can I earn XP from ARAM?


Is there an option to play Howling Abyss in Quickplay or Draft Pick?

No, these are not available for matchmade games. However, these options are available for custom games!

Why aren't those modes available for matchmaking?

Based on previous tests on the old ARAM map, the percentage of players that selected these picks modes was simply lower than the random romp we have currently. This doesn't mean these modes aren't fun though, so we encourage you to experiment within your custom games.

Can I see my opponents' champions in the champion select screen?

Nope! Your opponents' champions will remain hidden until the loading screen. This means your team will remain hidden to your opponents as well.

What happens if I queue dodge during champion select?

You suffer a timer penalty and lose any reroll points you may have used during champion select.

What happens if I leave a matchmade ARAM game?

You will suffer the same penalty as leaving any other matchmade game. The LeaverBuster system also applies to this map!


What's a reroll? And what's with the bench?!

When in the champion select screen, you have the option to reroll for another random champion as long as you have enough points to do so. This means you can reroll more than once.

Whenever you reroll a champion, that champ is sent to the Available Champions Pool, or the bench. There, your teammates (or you) can trade for it!

Can I use a reroll and end up with the same champion again?


How do I earn points for rerolls?

You gain points as you play matchmade ARAM games.

How many reroll points do I earn per game?

Win or lose, you earn a base number of points every match plus a bonus amount based on the amount of champions you own.

What happens to my points for the reroll if someone other than myself dodges?

If the match is disbanded due to an enemy or ally queue dodging, the cost is refunded.  If the ally dodging was someone in your premade, you will still be refunded your reroll points.

Skin Boosts

What are Skin Boosts?

For 95 RP, Skin Boosts unlock one random champion skin for every member of your team for the current game only. They also grant the purchaser 200 bonus Blue Essence for the game, as well as an additional 100 BE for all of your allies. 

How do I unlock Skin Boosts?

Click the "Boost" button found above your Runes and Summoner Spells.

Which champion skins are available when Skin Boosting?

You have a chance to unlock any champion skin currently available for purchase in the store. Skins that are unavailable in the store, such as Legacy or Limited skins, will not be granted. Of course, you can also use any skins you already own for that champion! Note that chromas are not included in Skin Boosts. 

What happens when you reroll or trade champions?

If you reroll or trade champions after a Skin Boost has been unlocked, you will still get a new random skin with your new champion pick. However, if you reselect the champion you traded away or rerolled, you'll have the original Boosted skin that was granted to you. 

What happens if someone dodges after I purchase a Skin Boost?

If someone dodges after you've unlocked a Skin Boost, don't panic! You won't be charged and your RP will remain in your account. 

What happens when two players try purchasing a Skin Boost? 

Only one Skin Boost can be purchased per game. If multiple people try purchasing a Skin Boost, only the first purchase will go through and the others will be stopped.

Are Skin Boosts refundable?

Skin Boosts are not refundable. Please refer to our Global Refund Policy for more information.

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