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Did League of Legends launch in your country or region? Do you want to play with your friends on a region different from where you started? Or, maybe you have moved countries altogether?

Whatever the reason, make sure you bring your account with you! This FAQ should answer some basic questions about transfers and it should also help troubleshoot some common transfer issues. 

The Basics

How can I purchase a transfer?

You can purchase a transfer in the store, by clicking the account button (the icon has a little person with a gear behind it) next to "Purchase RP".

Where can I transfer to?

Here is a list of available transfer locations in each region:

northamerica.png Details_Arrow.png europewest.png europene.png oceania.png russia.png turkey.png latamn.png latams.png jpn.png

europewest.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europene.png oceania.png russia.png turkey.png latamn.png latams.png jpn.png

europene.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europewest.png oceania.png russia.png turkey.png latamn.png latams.png jpn.png

latamn.png Details_Arrow.png latams.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png jpn.png

latams.png Details_Arrow.png latamn.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png jpn.png

russia.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png jpn.png

turkey.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png jpn.png

oceania.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png russia.png turkey.png latamn.png latams.png jpn.png

jpn.png Details_Arrow.png northamerica.png europewest.png europene.png oceania.png russia.png turkey.png latamn.png latams.png

How much does it cost?

2600 RP for a one way transfer.

How do transfer tokens work?

Whenever there is a transfer promotion in any given region, eligible accounts receive a transfer token that can be used to transfer your account to a server specified in the promotion for free. You will only be able to use the token while the transfer promotion is active. If you choose not to use it, the token will be removed once the promotion is over.

How long does it take?

The transfers should be near-instantaneous.

I accidentally transferred. Can you move me back?

We cannot reverse accidental transfers, so please be absolutely sure that you want to move between regions. We won't be able to refund it, either :(

But my friend pushed the transfer button when I wasn't looking!!

Sorry, but we are very strict about this stuff. Don't leave your computer unattended or unlocked when you are logged into your League of Legends account, especially in a public place! We have some tips on account security here.

But I am unable to purchase RP in the region I accidentally transferred to! What can I do?

Send us a support ticket and we will help you buy RP with other Payment Options.

My account was hijacked and transferred to another region. Do I have to pay to get back?

No. We will restore your account in the region where you were playing prior to the hijack. For more information about account recovery please see this article.

How will it affect my account?

What will Transfer in League of Legends?

Things That Will Transfer Things That Won't Transfer
Summoner Level Victory Points
Champions and skins (ward skins, too) Honor Level
Emotes Forum Badges
Rune pages Current Ranked League placement
Summoner Icons Mission Progress
XP boosts Your Shop offers
BE balance Clash trophies
Remaining RP (after the cost of the transfer) Clash Banners
Friends List Clash Flag Frames
Hextech Crafting Inventory Clash Club affiliations
Champion Mastery levels Loot Milestone Progress
Hidden MMR value (adapted to the new region)
Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc.
Loading screen borders
Item Sets
Summoner name (if it's available)
Username (as long as it's globally unique)
Eternals Progress
Challenges Progress

Important info for Clash players

Clash Banners, trophies, Flag Frames and similar will not transfer with your account. This is because Clash is a team mode attached to the specific server you participated on.


What will Transfer in Teamfight Tactics?

Things That Will Transfer  Things That Won't Transfer 
Little Legends Mission Progress (including Orb of Enlightenment, the Beta Pass, etc.)
Arena Skins
Opened/Unopened Hextech Content

If you transferred to a new server, purchased a name change, and transferred back to your original server, your name change will NOT transfer with your account. Instead, your account will be tied to the Summoner name you had before transferring from the original server. If you wish to keep the name you purchased, send us a ticket and we will do our best to help you.**

For Teamfight Tactics, if you transfer, make progress, and then transfer back, your progress will revert back to where you'd left off upon making the first initial transfer.

How will it affect my latency?

Please bear in mind the geographical distance between your location and any given region that you are transferring to. The regions in League of Legends are divided based on server and network infrastructure proximity and are not defined geopolitically.

How will it affect my Ranked Standing?

Is your transfer only temporary? Starting in patch 12.13, if you transfer your account out of a region and transfer back to that region within two weeks from the last game you played in your original region, your account's ranked state upon returning to your original region will be restored to what it was when you left. This means you won't have to redo your ranked climb if you take your League of Legends account with you on a quick vacation. To get that max two weeks in your temporary region, just remember to (1) queue up for a full game before you purchase your transfer, and (2) request a transfer back to your original region when you return, within two weeks of your last game in your original region.

If your transfer is permanent, you'll need to play all-new placement games on your new server. The seeding will be based on your current MMR relative to the MMR of everyone on that server, so you could end up in a different Tier or Division compared to the League you were in on your original server.

If you ever decide to transfer back to a previous region beyond the two week preservation period, you'll be unranked again. You'll need to replay all placement matches as though you were transferring to a new server.

For more information on MMR decay, check out our Ranked Play FAQ.

Common Issues

When I transferred, I was asked to change my username!

Usernames are now required to be unique across all regions! This means that if you're prompted to change your username when you transfer, the change will be permanent. Once that change has been made, it will affect your account even if you decide to transfer back to your original region.

What happens to my summoner name on my old server after I transfer?

Once you transfer, your summoner name on your old server becomes inactive. This means it will not be available for use, and will remain locked for 6-30 months depending on your account level. If you would like two accounts with identical summoner names across two servers, we recommend keeping your summoner name unchanged on your current server and changing your name on the alternate server.

If I decide to transfer back to my original server, will I be able to restore my summoner name as well?

If your first transfer happened recently enough that your summoner name is still inactive on that server as mentioned above, then we may be able to restore your name manually if you submit a ticket. However, we cannot guarantee the restoration of your old summoner name.

I want to transfer on a patch day.

When there is a new patch, transfers will be unavailable until the destination server has finished patching. Please wait until the server you want to transfer to finishes the patching process.

I have an old NA account before EU existed and want to transfer to one of the EU regions.

As of April 18, 2016, we're no longer offering NA-EU account merges. If you'd like to play on one of the EU regions, you'll have to transfer your current account or create a new one.

I am getting an Inactive Summoner name collision.

Inactive names cannot be claimed automatically through transfers, but you can complete the transfer by sending us a ticket.


My transfer failed for some reason not listed above. What do I do?

Please send us a ticket with the following information:

  • Username:
  • Current Summoner name:
  • E-mail address:
  • Current server (NA/EUW/EUNE/etc):
  • Server you want to transfer to:
  • A screenshot of your error: 
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