Recovering Your Password

When you're recovering your password, it's important to remember that your username and Summoner name are different. You use your username to log into the game, and your Summoner name is the name you see in-game. If you're not sure what your username is, please review our username recovery guide.


Follow these steps to recover your password through

1. Click on "Login".


2. Click on "Forgot Password?"


3. Click on the region your account is in.


4. Enter the account name associated to your account. Click the submit button.

Once you request for a password reset in through the website, we will send you an email with further instructions to the email address associated to your League of Legends account. If you do not see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, please also check your spam folder.


5. Click on the link provided in the email and reset your password.

You will automatically be redirected to the website's home page after your password reset is complete. You should now be able to log into the website and the client successfully!

Common Errors

Below are the common errors you might run into when resetting your password.

1. Password is too weak.

To create a strong enough password it:

  • must be between 8-30 characters
  • must contain at least one number
  • must not be easy to guess **
  • must not contain slashes or spaces

**A password is considered easy to guess if it uses a common password or a variation of it. For example, the word 'password' is one of those common words that are unavailable. This means a password like "password12345" will be considered too weak and will not be accepted.

2. New passwords don’t match.

3. Attempting to use the same password as before.

If resetting your password does not help, you should see if your problem can be resolved through our account recovery guide.

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