Recovering Your Account

Before recovering your account

Please check the server status forums for potential server downtime. During a server downtime you would not be able to log into your account, or recover any of your account information. However, you would still be able to browse the forums. (When opening League of Legends, if the launcher says “Unavailable,” that usually means our servers are not reachable at that time.)

What to do

Please Follow These Steps to Recover Your Account:

Make sure you have an account and are trying to log onto the correct server. Recover your username through the email address associated with your account. Recover your password by entering your username (not your Summoner name).

If you have followed these instructions and still cannot recover your account please proceed with the following:

Submit a ticket with the subject line "Unrecoverable Account" from the email address that you used to sign up for your account. Make sure to provide us with the requested information about the account you are trying to recover. From there we will work with you to verify ownership of the account.

What can we do while recovering your account

Reverting your Summoner name if it was changed

Once we've recovered your account, we'll be able to revert your Summoner name back to what you previously had.

Reversing unauthorized purchases

During the account recovery process please let us know if any charges were made on your credit card, specify any charges that you noticed, and we will be happy to further investigate the issue.

If you find monetary purchases on your account that you did not make, and were not charged to you, it is still vital that you inform us, as this may cause future billing issues for your account.

Protecting your account

Once you've recovered your account, the next step would be to keep your account from being compromised again. Take a look at this article to learn what you can do to best protect your account moving forward.

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