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Why was I banned from the Boards?

Each board has detailed Guidelines that should make clear what’s acceptable, and what’s not. Moderators will evaluate your post against the Universal Rules and the unique Guidelines of sub communities.



Can you give me more details?

Details of your suspension should be in your notifications (the exclamation point button on your profile tab).

If you are unclear about why your suspension was given, you can send in a ticket to Player Support for more details.

Here are some common examples of why a suspension might be issued:

  • Use of offensive language
  • Deliberate verbal abuse
  • Naming and shaming
  • Tribunal ban on your account
  • Hate speech
  • Posting malicious phishing links

Please note that while these examples are common, they are by no means an exhaustive list of suspension reasons.

If you are not sure whether or not a link is secure and safe, please contact Player Support before clicking on it. Please keep in mind that any links regarding Free RP are considered phishing scams and will not be tolerated on the Boards. Posting of such will result in a permanent suspension. For more information regarding this issue, please refer to the following articles:



When will my ban end?

When you try to post, you will receive this message. At the bottom, you will see a date and time of when your ban will be end. This should be relevant to the timezone you are currently in.



Why can't I see some posts?

In order to ensure our Boards are continually a positive environment, we have empowered Summoners to vote positively or negatively on posts by using designated icons ( ). A thread that receives a percentage of negative votes is locked and its content does not appear. With this system, you can actively take ownership of the League of Legends community and positively impact the Boards.

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