Ranked Restrictions

Ranked Queue Party Restrictions

To learn about the rank disparity restrictions when queueing up in solo/duo or flex queues, check our page on Tiers, Divisions, and Queues.

What are Ranked Restrictions in League of Legends?

Ranked Restrictions are issued for repeated or severe violation of our code of conduct. They prevent you from queuing up in any ranked queues until a certain number of unranked games are played. You will have to play five games while upholding our code of conduct before you are able to return to the ranked queues. 

Ranked Restrictions are given in addition to other penalties. That means it's possible to have a queue delay, chat restrictions, and a Ranked Restriction at the same time.

Ranked Restrictions can be issued even for actions performed in unranked games. If we verify additional infractions during your required unranked matches, then you will lose your progress and reset to five required unranked matches to return to good standing.

How do I remove my Ranked Restriction?

The only way to remove a Ranked Restriction from your account is to play the assigned number of unranked games. Note that only certain types of game modes will count as listed below:

Acceptable Game Modes

  • Quickplay
  • Draft Pick

Unacceptable Game Modes

  • Rotating Game Modes: URF, Ultimate Spellbook, Etc.
  • ARAM
  • Custom made matches
  • Tutorial/Practice modes
  • Arena
  • TFT (and any associated modes) or other non-League matches within the client
  • Co-op Vs AI
  • All Clash Modes

Playing the allotted number of games is the only way to remove these restrictions and play ranked again—there is no time limit.

How can I see how many games I need to play to remove my Ranked Restriction?

You'll first see the number of games you must play to return to good standing when you're given your penalty notification (prev. "Reform Card"). After that, you'll be given a notification containing your remaining unranked games in the following instances:

  • Upon entering the lobby
  • When trying to select ranked queue
  • By hovering over the warning symbol warning icon.png above your player icon in the Overview screen of your in-client Profile


I received a Ranked Restriction after my account was hacked! It wasn't me!

Before anything else, make sure you've recovered your account to prevent further damage. This would also be a good time to bring up potentially removing any restrictions that were accrued while the account was out of your control.

If you've already restored control of your account, reach out and we'll see what we can do to get you back in the game.

What if an AFK player triggers an early surrender for one of my required unranked matches?

An early surrender will still count towards both teams' required matches, except for the player who went AFK.

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