Soul Fighter - Tournament of Souls

Help Samira test the limits of her Awakened soul in Tournament of Souls, a special metagame running alongside League of Legends' Soul Fighter Event!

Gameplay Overview

The Tournament of Souls can be accessed under the Home tab of the League of Legends Client. This is where you'll go to chat with the Soul Fighters' biggest fans, claim rewards, and battle your way to the top.

Slaying with Style

If you want to win the Tournament of Souls, you'll have to fight with style.tournament-of-souls.pngUpon entering battle, Samira will have three available abilities - Q, W, and E (just like in League!). Each ability allows Samira to attack with either her guns (Q) or her sword (W, E). Every time she switches weapons (guns > sword, or sword > guns), she increases her Style by one rank on the following scale: E > D > C > B > A > S. Hitting "S" enables her to use her Ultimate (R), which inflicts massive damage and resets the Style meter back down to zero. Mince, blast, repeat!

Just remember that you'll only have a limited amount of time to reduce your opponent's HP to zero before they do the same to you. If either the clock or your HP bar runs out, you'll lose the battle and have to try again from the beginning.

Samira's Abilities

You'll start with just one option for each ability, but climbing the ranks will earn you all-new ways to demolish your foes. 

Q (Gun Abilities)

Quickshot - Fire a fast shot for 160 damage. When used to change weapons, fires twice.

Piercing Precision - 3 piercing shots for a total of 210 damage that break shields and increase the duration of airborne.

Deadshot - Puncturing shot that deals 70 damage and causes bleeding for 160 damage over 4s. If already bleeding, the initial shot deals 4x damage.

W (Sword Abilities)

Sky Scraper - Upward slash for 230 damage that sends the enemy airborne.

Back Atcha - Spin twice for 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects while reflecting a max of 500 damage back to an opponent for 1s. If Samira blocks 300 damage or greater, gain one additional style point.

Blade Drain - Slice twice for 175 damage, healing 250 total. If the enemy is wounded, heal double.

E (Sword Abilities)

Severe Strike - Stab forward for 265 damage inflicting wounded for 4s. If the enemy is bleeding, refresh the bleed duration.

Twilight Rush - Dash forward for 100 damage, breaking shields, and place a sticky bomb that explodes for 130, damaging all enemies after 2s. Following with a gun ability detonates early, causing the grenade to critically strike.

Style on ’Em - Slash rapidly, dealing 230 damage, and gain one additional style point. If enemy is airborne, deal 50% bonus damage.

R (Neutral)

Chaotic Daybreak - Increase crit chance from 25% to 75% for 10s, and unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.

Immortal Inferno - Unleash a torrent of shots for 550 damage, healing a total of 500.

Status Effects

Many abilities (both your own and enemies') inflict positive or negative status effects, altering the flow of battle. You can hover over a status effect's icon to learn more about it, but here's a short list for quick reference:

  • Airborne - Knocked into the sky and unable to use abilities for a set time.
  • Resist - Take reduced incoming damage.
  • Stealthed - Invulnerable to most incoming damage, except damage over time.
  • Crit Up - Increased critical hit chance.
  • Unstoppable - Abilities cannot be interrupted.
  • Bleeding - Taking damage over time.
  • Stunned - Cannot attack or take any actions.
  • Siphoned - A portion of health is stolen and can only be recovered by dealing damage. If stolen health is not recovered in time, Samira takes damage equal to the amount of stolen health and the debuff ends.
  • Wounded - Healing is reduced.
  • FATAL - Marked for death—will be executed the next time they are damaged by an Ultimate ability.

If you're struggling to win a battle, pay close attention to the status effects at play. Custom-tailoring your loadout and combos to work around enemy status effects will always give you a better shot at victory.

Reputation and Rewards

Blasting away the competition in 1v1 brawls will only get you so far without earning the respect of the crowd—and that means increasing your Reputation.


Once you've beaten an opponent, you'll only be able to progress to the next one by earning enough Reputation. Thankfully, increasing your reputation is as simple as completing missions in the Soul Fighter Event. You can check out the specifics of your current missions (including how much Reputation you stand to earn) by clicking the Missions Tab missions.png in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

 Story Mode

Champion Reputation Required Reward(s)
Jhin 0
Gwen 4 soul-fighter-gods-eye-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter God's Eye Icon
Q - Piercing Precision
Lux 8 30 Event Shop Tokens
E - Twilight Rush
Naafiri 12 W - Back Atcha
Jhin 16 W - Blade Drain
Pyke 20 30 Event Shop Tokens
Q - Deadshot
Evelynn 24 E - Style on 'Em
Sett 28 R - Immortal Inferno
Shaco 32 30 Event Shop Tokens
Viego 36  
??? 40

Random SF Champion Shard:
Gwen, Lux, Naafiri, Jhin, Pyke, Evelynn, Sett, Shaco, Viego, Samira

Expert Mode

Champion Reputation Required Reward(s)
Gwen 45 soul-fighter-gwen-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Gwen Combat Icon
Lux 50 soul-fighter-lux-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Lux Combat Icon
Naafiri 55

Soul Fighter Naafiri Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens

Jhin 60 soul-fighter-jhin-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Jhin Combat Icon
Pyke 65 soul-fighter-pyke-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Pyke Combat Icon
Evelynn 70 soul-fighter-evelynn-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Evelynn Combat Icon
Super Stylish Emote
Sett 75 soul-fighter-sett-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Sett Combat Icon
Shaco 80 soul-fighter-shaco-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Shaco Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens
Viego 85 soul-fighter-viego-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Viego Combat Icon
??? 90 soul-fighter-samira-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Samira Combat Icon
SF Lobby Banner Skin

Fan Fair

Be sure to drop into the Fan Fair tent for a little meet-and-greet with the Soul Fighters' biggest fans! You'll unlock new interactions as you progress through the brackets, so be sure to drop in whenever you've carved a few more notches into your belt.

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