Managing Your Riot Account

From League to VALORANT, PC to mobile, Riot Games encompass a range of genres and devices, and your Riot Account is what helps you navigate them all. But what, and where, is your Riot Account, you might be asking? Why, at, of course! Simply sign in to check out your account details. For a breakdown of what’s what on the account website, read on.

For those of you who’ve been with us since the early days of League of Legends, this page may look a little different, so stick around to see what’s where.

Riot ID


If you’re new to Riot Games, first off, welcome! This first box on the Account Page will allow you to make your Riot ID and Tagline. This is how friends will find you (and probably challenge you to a good ol’ LoR or VALORANT match).

Already have a Riot ID? Don’t move on just yet. This is where, every 30 days, you can change your ID and Tagline should you so desire.

Personal Information


This is the important stuff. The you-need-to-keep-it-safe stuff. Your email and date of birth are both personal and unique to you, so please be sure not to share them (or your password) with anyone.

Riot Account Sign-In


Speaking of passwords, this is where you can change yours! Your username and password are the components you’ll use to log into any Riot Game’s client.

Connected Accounts


If you prefer to use social accounts to sign into various applications, you can link them here!

Communication Preferences


Want to be kept in the loop for all things Riot? You can opt in for everything from beta invites to news here. We try our best not to bombard your inbox.

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