The Essence Emporium FAQ

Welcome to the Essence Emporium! We've got gemstones, we've got emotes, we've got icons. Lots...of icons.

The Essence Emporium opens up twice a year to sell a bunch of stuff for blue essence. It opens up once around midseason, and once around preseason.

Until the shop closes, you can also get XP boosts, rune pages, and name changes for 50% off!

1,500 BE - Mystery icon box (guaranteed to be an icon you don't already own)
2,000 BE - Chromas
2,500 BE - Mystery minis icon box, series 1 & 2 (Emporium exclusive!)
2,500 BE - Mystery minis icon box, series 3 (NEW) (Emporium exclusive!)
4,000 BE - Baron Hat Poro icon (NEW) (Emporium exclusive!)
4,900 BE - Mystery ward skin box (guaranteed to be a ward skin you don't already own)
6,000 BE – Essence Collector ward skin (Emporium exclusive!)
50,000 BE - "Make it Rain" emote (Emporium exclusive!)
50,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone Knight icon
75,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone Prince icon
75,000 BE - “Money Bags” emote (Emporium exclusive!)
100,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone King icon
150,000 BE - URFWick skin (Emporium exclusive!)
League Partnership Program exclusives such as Emerald Chromas or Emotes

Mystery Minis, mystery icons, mystery ward skins, and other items sent as gifts share a limit of 10 purchases per day. That means any combination of those items up to ten will prevent you from buying any more of those items until 24 hours after your first purchase. For personal mystery purchases, the limit is 20!

What icons are in the Mystery Minis icon box?

You can see which icons are in this box in the store before you buy one!

What icons are in the Mystery Icon box?

Most icons are available in the box, even legacy or limited ones! But, you won't find Esports icons, team-specific icons, exclusive icons, or icons that grant borders or gemstones.

What ward skins are in the Mystery Ward Skin box?

Mostly the same deal: (almost) any ward that's listed as available in your in-client Collection. Esports wards, mission rewards, event-specific wards, and ward icons aren't included.

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