Essence Emporium FAQ

Step right up ladies and gentle-yordles, and feast your eyes on the extraordinary Essence Emporium

At the Essence Emporium you can trade blue essence for emotes, icons, and other terrific trinkets! Could you ask for anything more?! Oh, you can? Well, we’ve got you covered. As long as the Emporium is open, XP boosts are 50% off!

The Essence Emporium schedule changes every year. In 2023 the Emporium starts September 6 at 1PM PT – September 20 at 12:59 PM PT. Read more here.


Whenever the Essence Emporium opens its doors, you’ll be able to partake in the following delectable deals.

Product Blue Essence Price
(excludes Limited/Legacy/Seasonal chromas)
2,000 BE
Mystery Minis Icon Box 2,500 BE
Baron Hat Poro Icon
(Emporium exclusive!)
4,000 BE
Essence Collector Ward Skin
(Emporium exclusive!)
6,000 BE

But Why? Emote
(Emporium exclusive!)

25,000 BE
Make It Rain Emote
(Emporium exclusive!)
50,000 BE
Money Bags Emote
(Emporium exclusive!)
75,000 BE
URFWick Skin
(Emporium exclusive!)
150,000 BE

*Available chromas change depending on the time of year. The preseason Essence Emporium has chromas launched between January and June, while the midseason Emporium has chromas launched from June to December.

League Partner Program Content

Those who are part of the League Partner Program are eligible to purchase Emerald chromas and emotes for 10,000 BE each. Available chromas and emotes change with each edition of the Essence Emporium.

Purchase Limits

Product Self-Purchase Limit
Chromas Unlimited
Mystery Mini Icons Unlimited
Baron Hat Poro Icon 1 total
Essence Collector Ward Skin 1 total
Make It Rain Emote 1 total
Money Bags Emote 1 total
URFWick Skin 1 total

What's in the Box?!


These chibi icons are usually split into sets based on the champion’s region. If you purchase a set with icons you already own, the duplicate icons will be sent to your Hextech crafting, where you can disenchant them and get blue essence back.

If you're not sure which champs are included with each region, click the Mystery Mini Icon Box of your choice for details on your potential champion icon pool.

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