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1 | Staying Wi-fi Positive in a Wired World
2 | Fulfill Your Needs! We Found the Secrets to Having the Best. Support. Ever. ...Seriously.
3 | Where's the G-Sync? And 10 Other Hardware Questions You’re Dying to Ask
4 | The SHOCKING Thing 80% of ISPs Can't Resist (P.S. It Involves the Lag Report!)



Staying Wi-fi Positive in a Wired World

In today’s conservative, PC world, the first thing everyone will tell you is “Make sure you’re connecting to the internet through a traditional cat-5 cable. Maybe one with a law degree.” But what if you can’t? What if you...don’t want to? It’s YOUR connection. Do what works for you, and be proud of it! That’s the essence of wi-fi positivity.

If you’re taking this road--and we’re proud of you for braving it--these five quick steps will make things easier for you and any future lane partners who might share the consequences of your connection.

STEP ONE: Get to know your router’s settings. We’re all familiar with that desperate cry to a closed-off companion: “Why won’t you just let me in?” Your router will literally let you in--you just have to know how to ask. The secret words, typed into a web browser, are some permutation of 192.168.X.X. If you don’t have any documentation, you can Google the model number on the back of your router for the right IP address.

In your router’s settings you can play with its firewall, open its ports, and update its firmware. Hint: Routers usually like that last one best.

STEP TWO: Enable Quality of Service (QoS) on your router. Some say pseudoscience, we say pseudosexy! Your wireless connection is pretty free with its bandwidth--and we love it for that--but QoS makes sure that, at least while you’re playing League, it gives you the attention you need.

STEP THREE: Use a 5GHz frequency! Your router may be described as “Dual band” (lucky you!). If it is, consider switching from the standard 2.4GHz to a 5GHz frequency. The 2.4GHz frequency is used by all sorts of appliances--garage door openers, microwaves--while the 5GHz frequency stands alone. Be warned, if there’s a wall between you and your router, you might be better off sticking to 2.4!

STEP FOUR: Love yourself. This is just good advice, and no expert or tech column can do it for you, as much as we wish we could. Stop microwaving that frozen burrito (it messes with your wi-fi anyway), and relish the best parts of yourself. You deserve it.

STEP FIVE: Learn to read mixed signals. Electronics are everywhere these days, and sometimes four, five, or six items can broadcast across each other, creating conflicts and packet loss. Clear the air by setting your wi-fi signal to a unique channel--you can do this in the settings we discussed earlier. This is your place to experiment! Try out different channels until you find one that really lets you connect.

The wi-fi lifestyle is more accessible than ever these days, as are the risks, so it’s vital that you balance its convenience and portability with prudence and safety in mind. Good self-care is your key to a happy connection!



Fulfill Your Needs! We Found the Secrets to Having the Best. Support. Ever. ...Seriously.

You’ve probably thought about it. Maybe you’ve tried it, and just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Involving Player Support isn’t for everyone, but it can be just the thing for an ailing connection.

Like anything worth doing, contacting support is worth doing right. We’ve found the secrets to better interactions, faster fixes, and more intense resolutions.

Secret #1: Come prepared

You’re bound for disappointment if you come all the way to Player Support only to find your problem is with a loose cable. This is a no-shame zone, but we can’t guarantee you won’t feel a little embarrassed. Take a couple of minutes to check items off this list; you’ll be glad you did.

Secret #2: Know thyself

The fastest turn-off when being supported is too many obvious questions, but those questions are often crucial to a resolution. So think of everything you can about your issue: When did it start? Does it affect other programs? Could any new hardware have upset your setup? Every piece of information brings you closer to talking about the really technical stuff.

Secret #3: Logs of love

Most of us can’t parse a r3d log or limn the curves of a traceroute, but these are old familiarities to Player Support. Let them show you how.

Secret #4: Hextech Repair

Many players find warm solace in the cold calculations of our automated troubleshooter. Many players say they like it even more than the real thing! The Hextech Repair Tool will clean up your connection, tame your firewall, and bundle your latest logs together all in the span of its impressive fourteen-hour battery life.

Secret #5: Take the plunge!

In the end, all the preparation in the world can only get you so far. You’ve tried out all the tools, learned about your connection, you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need. Take yourself the rest of the way and just do it! We’re ready for you.



Where's the G-Sync? And 10 Other Hardware Questions You’re Dying to Ask

How do I have a mind-blowing, eye-popping gaming experience? Chances are you’ve asked yourself that recently. Studies show 99% of gamers are lacking a healthy physical relationship with what’s inside their computer, and it’s no wonder! The modern world is obsessed with digital bells and whistles you can’t even see, like “the internet” and “data.” But for our money, nothing compares to opening up your PC and getting your hands dirty, feeling the bumps and curves of a VGA Feature Connector. If you want to focus on improving the real, tangible parts of your tech life, we’ve got some tips for you!

TIP: Don’t let your passion collect dust!

We’ve all been there. You come home after a long day to the sound of your PC’s fans whirring. You’re too tired to give it any attention, and your PC is tired of asking. It can be difficult as we get older, but setting aside time for regular dusting adds years to your hardware and your tech life..

TIP: Use a toy!

Using a can of compressed air, slowly tease your computer by using it first on the keyboard (gently pop the keys off first to expose the dirt underneath) and the fans inside. Shoot air in 2-3 second intervals, and give extra attention to the sensitive fan blades. The best time to get down and dirty is after cleaning up!

TIP: Clean that dirty mouse!

This one is super fun, especially if you’re getting sticky fingers from too many mouse sessions. Take a moist washcloth and gently wipe the surface of your mouse, taking your time while swabbing the mouse sensor, and you can get back to clicking the night away.

TIP: Don’t be clumsy!

When cleaning your comp, you can freely remove things like RAM, video cards, and hard drives. But don’t jerk and jiggle the CPU, since you’ll need to replace the thermal paste each time.

TIP: Treat yourself to a new case!

Yeah, we’re shallow sometimes. But nothing reignites the spark of passion like an upgraded case and some LED mood lighting!

TIP: Find the G-Sync!

This is great graphics card tech that works by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in your PC. The effect is a smoother display and none of those pesky, mood-killing screen tears.

TIP: Nothing says “play me faster” like an SSD!

SSDs have come a long way, and your jaw will drop once you see how quickly League of Legends loads once you install it on one. With a price range that ensures everyone is satisfied, we suggest you move the action to an SSD tonight. You’ll thank us in the morning.

TIP: Keep your cool when the LAN party heats up!

LAN parties are sweaty, steamy affairs, with lots of bumping and jostling. If you’re hauling a PC to your friend’s basement or dorm, be careful not to drop it on the ground, no matter how tightly things are screwed on. Don’t forget a fan!

TIP: Don’t put a wet paper towel on your video card, even if it overheats.

Just don’t. It’s a common misconception that a wet paper towel will cool off your passionate card, and nothing ruins the mood like your entire PC short-circuiting.

TIP: Introduce more RAM to the game room!

RAM is key to keeping things fresh, and it’s cheaper than ever. But watch out! If your GPU is more than a few years old, more RAM won’t fix your issues. It’s a stick of RAM, not a magic wand.



Regain the Spark - The SHOCKING Thing 80% of ISPs Can't Resist (P.S. It Involves the Lag Report!)

Wow. We can’t believe it’s 2017 and the communication issues most of us have with our ISPs are STILL a thing. Does my ISP care about my needs? Can I do better if I see other ISPs? Are they lying when they tell me I’m their most valued customer? UGGH. If you’re sick of the mind games, we have one weird trick that will put you back on the path to a healthy, transparent, insanely satisfying relationship with your ISP.

Lag Report.

This little tool shows you which ISPs other League players in your area have the best connection results with. If you’ve wondered why your neighbor is yelling “OMG” all night long, it’s no accident; they probably found an ISP that fulfills their needs, one that deserves them and doesn’t complicate things with unstable packet loss and jitter.

With Lag Report, you can see how strong your internet connection to League of Legends is, as well as a list of ISPs players in your area can’t get enough of. Not convinced? Studies show that when League players were asked “If you have a bad internet connection, would you prefer to have a good one?” 100% answered either “Yes” or “Unsure.”


Check out Lag Report’s website and take it for a test drive. You’ll thank us later. Now if you don’t mind, we’ll be sneaking out with our new service provider. Don’t wait up!

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