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Your Shop, now with less text!

The price in Your Shop looks incorrect!

The price you see in Your Shop includes the skin and the champion (if you don’t own it yet). You'll see the champion's portrait on top of the skin if you don't own the champion. Purchase the champion for BE or craft it with Loot, and the price will drop!

I really thought I had this champion...

Why am I seeing skins in my 'Your Shop' for champions I don't play/don't play often?

Discountbot uses your play history over the last 6 months to compare you to players with similar patterns, and creates deals that it thinks you will like. It looks at more than just your most-played champs, so your discounts won’t necessarily be limited to those champs. Hopefully you end up with a good variety.

If you haven’t played in the last 6 months, your selection will be much more randomized than someone who has played more lately.

Why do I see less than 6 offers?

It's possible for Your Shop to include up to 6 offers, but you may see less than 6 items if you own a lot of skins.

What skins won’t be included in my ‘Your Shop’?

  • Legendary Skins (Note: Occasionally, an in-game event might include the chance to get a Legendary Skin in Your Shop, but it's not normally the case.)
  • Ultimate Skins
  • Champions or skins released within 90 days of Your Shop's start time.
  • Limited Skins
  • Loot Exclusive Skins
  • Skins that are on sale during the offers
  • Skins not sold for RP (bundle-exclusives, Victorious skins, Prestige skins, etc.)

Why am I seeing skins for champions that I already have skins for?

Discountbot may select skins for champs that you already have other skins for, especially if they’re featured heavily in your play history. Hopefully you find another that you’re interested in, or one that wouldn’t normally be available!

I encountered an error when I tried to buy something from Your Shop

Your personal offer may need to update, so please log out and log back in to refresh Your Shop. Most cases can be solved with a re-log. If you still can’t buy something from Your Shop, write in a ticket and we’ll look into it for you.

I got new offers when I transferred, where are my old ones?

Offers don't transfer with you from one server to the next. When you transfer, you'll get all-new offers.

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