Honor FAQ

Honor Level Reset

Why does my Honor level reset?

Your Honor level resets at season start just like your rank. Unless you were below Honor level 2 before the new season, everyone starts between Honor levels 2 and 3.

Why does my Honor level reset to a checkpoint?

Players who consistently fought with honor in their games and finished at higher Honor levels earn a head start to getting better rewards than those who didn’t. You can see which checkpoint you’re reset to on the Honor website.

Honor Orbs

How do I get Honor Orbs?

You get an Honor Orb everytime you reach a checkpoint past level 3. Even though checkpoints stop after level 5, you still get level 5 Orbs at the same intervals as checkpoints. Since there’s no level 6, they aren’t called checkpoints.

Do Orbs need keys to open?

No, they’re like Capsules and entirely keyless.

Do Orbs get better at every checkpoint?

No. Orbs get better at every level.

Do Orbs get better as I level up in Honor?

Yes! Orbs have more key fragments and better rewards each time you level up.

So I dropped from Honor level 5 because of a penalty. Do I still get Orbs when I reach checkpoints?

Yes! You’ll get an Orb for that level every time you reach a checkpoint.

Honor levels

Do I need to do anything special to progress?

You level up just by playing to win in your games. Show up, don’t intentionally work against team, and you’ll progress in the coming weeks and months. If your teammates honor you a lot, you’ll get a slight bonus in progression and rewards like loading screen flairs.

If I get no Honors, do I still level up?

You will. All you have to do is show up and try to win in all your games.

Does voting for my teammates contribute to my Honor level?

Yes, but you’ll need a little help. A whole team gets a slight bonus to their honor level if every teammate votes. Just like the game, you win or lose as a team.

Do I get better rewards at higher Honor levels?

Yes! We heard your feedback and made sure your rewards level up when you do. Orbs and Capsules have better rewards with every level up.

Can I game the system and boost to level 5 by constantly playing with a premade and honoring each other every game?

Nice idea. We had it too. So we specifically built Honor so potential exploits like this give you (and your friend) literally no benefit.

When will I level up?

After completing three checkpoints in an Honor level, the next milestone is a level up. Checkpoints begin after Honor level two and end when you reach level five.

Honor Checkpoints

What are checkpoints?

Checkpoints are markers for how far you’ve progressed in a level. You have to complete three checkpoints in every level before leveling up and earn a reward every time you reach one. You won't receive rewards for checkpoints at Honor level 0.

What happens after I finish my third and last checkpoint in a level?

When you reach your third checkpoint, you’re on the way to the next milestone: a level up.

What happens to checkpoints after level 5?

Checkpoints stop after level 5. You’ll still get level 5 Orbs for consistently honorable play, but since there’s no level 6, they aren’t called checkpoints.

I'm Honor level 5 and got reset to level 2, checkpoint 3. Do I miss out on rewards?

You'll miss out on a few Honor level 2 Orbs. But you'll get to higher rewards faster, and they'll keep coming even after you're back at level 5.

Honor Capsules

Why do I get fewer Honor Capsules this season?

With the addition of Honor Orbs, you’ll still get regular and even more consistent rewards. We decided Honor Capsules should be more exclusive and carry the best rewards so reaching the next Honor level feels extra special.

I don’t get random Capsules like before?

Nope. You get three Capsules over the entire season when you reach Honor levels 3, 4, and 5.

What kinds of rewards are in the Honor capsules?

Every Capsule will have a few key fragments, a cosmetic reward, and champion shards. Capsules have better rewards at every level up. Find out what’s inside each one on the Honor website.

How do I get Honor Capsules?

You get an Honor Capsule in your level up ceremony when you reach Honor levels 3, 4, and 5.

Do Honor Capsules need keys to open?

Nope. They're basically key-free chests.

So I got a penalty and dropped from Honor level 5. Can I get Honor Capsules again when I level up?

No. You only get an Honor Capsule once. But you will get an Orb for that level instead.

Key fragments

Do all my key fragments still drop through Honor?

Yes. When we updated Honor last year we decided all key fragments would drop through the new feature. That’s still the case.

How do I get key fragments?

Get all your key fragments by doing two simple things: Playing games, and avoiding Instant Feedback penalties like chat restrictions and bans. That's it. It's an intentionally low bar, because we want you to get your stuff. You don’t need to be honored by teammates to get keys. Individual honors are connected to other rewards like loading screen flairs. Keys can drop whether you win or drop the game. Key fragments hit while browsing the client or on login. You’ll also get key fragments at checkpoints and level ups.

Will I just get keys by idling with the client on?

Not just by idling. You need to play games to get key fragments. So for instance, If you spend your Saturday playing games and leave the client on overnight, you might wake up to a nice surprise. If you just boot up your client and don’t play games, you won’t get any key fragments.

So, they'll just show up sometimes?

Yep. Just like a fed Twitch coming out of stealth.

Are there any changes to chests with Honor?

Just like before, they’ll be locked away for a bit if you’ve been penalized, until your honor is unlocked again.

Loading screen flairs

How do I get a loading screen flair?

First, hit level 3. Then earn honor from two premade teammates or one stranger in one game. The flair will unlock for your next matchmade game.

My flair disappeared after one game, why?

They’re meant to show off that you’re coming off a great game, so they only last one game. Once you're level 3 or better, get an Honor from two premade teammates or one stranger to unlock flair in your next game.

Is there a cooldown on loading screen flairs?

Nope. If you keep earning honors, you'll keep your flair across each game you rock the Rift and earn honors.

Will I get a different loading screen flair per category?

Not today, but that's a damn good idea.

Do they get bigger like Champ Mastery?

They do! At level 4 and 5 the flairs grow.

Penalties and locks

How do I drop a level in Honor?

You’ll only drop if you receive a penalty. A chat restriction knocks your Honor level to 1 if you're at level 2 or higher, or down to 0 if you’re already at level 1. A two week suspension will drop your level to 0 (even if you were higher). In both cases, your honor progress will be locked, making your account ineligible for hextech crafting rewards. Your honor progress will unlock some time after your restriction as long as you show signs of reform.

What do you mean by lock my Honor level and rewards?

You'll see a lock on your Honor level in your profile. This means you aren't making any progress to the next level, and you won't receive any rewards. Unlock your Honor level by putting clean games in. You’ll get a notification when you’ve unlocked your Honor level.

What's the deal with level 1 and 0?

If you fall below level 2, you were hit with a penalty or two, and the first step is to put in clean games to unlock your Honor level. Once you do, your games help you climb back to better rewards, just like how it’s worked since Loot launched.

Are rewards cut for these levels?

At level 1, you earn many less key fragments than normal. At level 0, also known as Dishonorable, you don't get any keys. It’s a bummer, but you can bounce back just by getting clean games in.


How does Honor work if I transfer my account across servers?

Unfortunately, Honor won’t transfer. You’ll start on your new server at level 2.

What happens to my old honor ribbons?

They're going away because this is a total system overhaul. Think of this like a Galio-level champ rework, just for a system instead.

What about my old Honor points?

Gone too.

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