Introducing Missions

Missions are all about "Do a thing, get a thing". Complete a specific objective (or several) in-game, get a reward.

How do I get a Mission?

Missions appear and unlock automatically! There are a lot of ways Missions can appear, such as through events or by owning a piece of content. You'll see new missions in two ways: either you'll see a small notification pop-up (like Esports notifications) or you can click the "Missions" tracker button on the bottom of your friends list.

Each mission will give you the exact criteria needed to complete it, along with the reward. The Missions tracker records the progress of each Mission as you work toward rewards. Some objectives will take multiple games to complete!

Do I have any kind of time limit on completing them?

Yep! Most Missions will tell you how long you have to complete the objectives; on the last day, it'll tell you how many hours and minutes you've got left. As long as the end-of-game screen pops up before the timer runs out, the result of your game will count toward the Mission's objective.

Neat! But how do I claim rewards?

Also automatically! Once a game ends and your last objective is completed, you'll see a client takeover celebrating your finished Mission and confirming your reward. 

If the game ends and you don't see the end-of-game screen for whatever reason, don't worry. The rewards will still be added to your account the next time you log in. You can see a list of completed missions in your Missions tracker.

My Mission didn't update or give me my reward!

This is usually a visual thing--try logging out and back in, then check your Missions track to see if the Mission updates. If you're still not seeing what you should, send us a ticket and we'll investigate!

My mission looks expired but should still be going, or looks like it's still going but should be expired!

Phew, okay. The Missions tracker in the client is synced to your Windows clock, so if that's wrong the tracker won't display correctly. Follow this guide to sync your clock and fix the display!

Details and FAQ

Is there a cap to the number of missions I can have at one time?


How many different objectives can a Mission have?

Up to three.

This Mission expires in 20 minutes and I'm in Champion Select, will this game count toward my Mission?

Sorry, games only count if they're finished before the mission timer ends.

Can I access Missions outside of the client?

No, you can only track mission progress in the client.

Can I access the Missions button if I can't see my friends list or I'm not connected to chat?

Missions are unrelated to your friends list (they're just neighbors), so you'll be able to access it even if you can't chat.

How will I know when content has been added to my account?

Rewards are added automatically after you finish a mission. Your Missions tracker will indicate when a mission has been updated. Clicking your tracker will play a small animation to conclude the mission and remove it from your active mission list.

What kind of game modes and queues will I need to play to earn progress toward a particular Mission?

The mission itself will tell you whether you need to play a certain game mode. If it just says "Any matchmade game mode", it means you can play any game type except custom or tutorial.

Are completed Missions publicly displayed anywhere?

No. Missions are intended to reward you personally, not for publicly displaying your achievements.

Is it possible to decline rewards after completing a Mission?

If you really don't want a Mission reward but you accidentally completed the mission, you can send us a ticket and we'll remove the content from your account. We'll probably ask why, though.

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