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Bugs can be quite a pain when you run into them; they can exist in the form of something small like extra black dots around Teemo’s hat, or big like Cho’Gath suddenly doing double the true damage from his Feast ability. Our QA Team and engineers are always looking to fix bugs that negatively impact the player experience and we value your bug reports to help us squash these bugs.


The League Client Update includes a feature which allows you to submit a bug report to the appropriate teams. On the bottom right corner, you’ll see the Report a Bug button () which can be used to open the Report a Bug page.

Once there, you can fill out a bug report:

While the page says it's for League Client Update bugs, it will accept any bug - from store to gameplay, anything buggy you encounter can go here.

Where did you run into the bug?

This drop-down menu will allow you to tell us which portion of your experience was affected by the bug. (eg. Profile)

Summarize the bug for us

In a single sentence, what does the bug do? (eg. If you play Teemo once, your Dynamic Background changes to Teemo’s splash art permanently)

Any specifics you think we should know?

Give us more context on the bugs and provide things like steps so we can reproduce it ourselves. (eg. What I did that led up to the bug:

  • Check your Profile page (if it’s not already Teemo).
  • Play one Normal Game as Teemo.
  • Check your profile page again.

Result: You’ll see Teemo in your Dynamic Background. I’ve played other champions and even changed my Summoner Icon to Elementalist Lux, but the background remains Teemo’s splash art.)

Any links you think would help?

Provide any external links to resources that can provide additional context. (eg. Boards, Imgur, Reddit, Pastebin, Youtube, etc.)


What if I can’t open the League Client Update to report a bug?

In the off chance that you can’t use the Report a Bug button, you can use this link instead:

However, please note that using the Report a Bug button within the League Client Update is optimal as it includes additional data for our QA Teams and engineers.

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