Hotkeys (Keybindings) FAQ

Generally, there are two places where you can change your hotkeys, in the game client and within the League Client Update. The latter allows additional keys that aren’t available within the game client.

In the game client, press Esc to open the Options menu where Hotkeys is located:


In the League Client Update, click on Settings (cog icon on the top right corner of the window), and click on Hotkeys:

To remove customization and go back to the standard keybindings, just click "Restore Defaults"


Most keys on a standard keyboard can be bound, however, there are a select few which you should take note of because using them.

Cannot Use:

  • Shift (By itself)
  • Control (By itself)
  • Alternate (By itself)
  • Command (By itself)
  • Function

Can use, but have permanently bound functions:

These are the keys you should avoid using when possible, but you can choose to assign them at your own risk
    • Escape - Can use (only bindable through League Client Update), but bound to close windows.
    • Caps Lock - Can use (only bindable through League Client Update), but bound to caps lock.
    • F9 - Can use, but bound to disable screen edge scrolling.
    • F12 - Can use, but bound to take screenshot.
    • Enter/Return - Can use, but bound to open chat window.
    • Num Enter - Can use, but bound to open chat window.
    • Command + Key - Can use (only bindable through League Client Update), but bound to existing macOS shortcuts.
Note: macOS shortcuts can be found here

Can use:

  • All other keys on standard keyboard.
  • Mouse 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Alternatively, there is a way to change hotkeys through the system files. Since they are account-bound and saved on our servers, you will need to perform certain steps in order to override the previous hotkeys:

    • First, you’ll need to open League of Legends and log into the League Client Update.
    • Afterwards, you’ll need to locate the correct folder, by default, it will be in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config:

    • Once there, you will need to open PersistedSettings.json and find the “Input.ini” portion of the file:

  • This is where you can make changes to the keybindings; once you’ve completed the changes, make sure to save PersistedSettings.json.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to join a Custom Game and exit. Once completed, your keybinding changes will be saved.
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