Riot Automatic Text Evaluation and Penalties

With Riot’s new text evaluation system coming to League of Legends Nov 15, 2022, it’s finally happened: All of our games now have new and improved automations in place to assess player behavior reports and apply penalties for harmful, offensive, and otherwise inappropriate messages found in chat. Our new system incorporates multiple machine learning models to provide automatic assessments with greater confidence and accuracy. We are expecting a throughput of over 20 times more penalties as a result of this increased efficiency. 

So what does this do exactly?

What’s included in the automatic text evaluation system:

What we’re continually improving:

  • Fine tuning our zero-tolerance word list (Blocked List) and sneaky variations
  • Detecting less blatant occurrences of bullying and harm, and establishing the right thresholds for detection
  • Continuing to add different machine learning models for different types of verbal abuse
  • Supporting more languages

Glad to hear. Sounds like the bots got it from here–so, what do you need from me?

We still need players to report offenses via in-game reporting. The part we’ve automated is that some smart tech now evaluates those reports and determines penalties using machine learning models. But we still base our decisions on reports submitted by players like you, so there’s still that human touch.

Remind me about penalties?

You might want to brush up on what the penalties are, so you’re not surprised in the unfortunate event that you lose your cool in a match.

A note about Support

Due to the sheer volume of additional tickets we’re expecting per day (more than 20x, or what was previously a month’s volume–in a day!), our support strategy needs to adapt, too.

Contesting chat restriction penalties

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel you've been unjustly penalized. Before opening a ticket, please review the chat log attached to your restriction. If you find anything that may prove offensive, we're likely to point that out to you in your request.

If you don't remember or can’t find the chat log, open a ticket! Our automation will retrieve the log for you.

After reviewing the log and seeing no compelling reason for restriction, please reach out to us! Errors occasionally happen and we’re eager to make it right.

To strategize with your team while chat-restricted, remember that you can still see and use pings!

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