League of Legends & TFT Content Migration Guide (Southeast Asia)

Your League of Legends account tells the story of your in-game journey, whether it's the emote you earned from watching Worlds or the icon flexing your rank last season. That's why we're doing our best to preserve all your hard-earned progress and content throughout the Garena ➜ Riot migration!

Before we get any further, a quick note: 

If you're migrating your active Garena League/TFT account to a new Riot account (or one without any League progression),
all the content listed below will transfer!

Seriously! You can stop right here and go back to queuing up, safe in the knowledge that your account and all its goodies (minus a few items like honor history, purchase history, match history, and career stats) will be coming along for the ride.

If, however, you log in to play League or transfer your account to SEA after the publishing transition but before linking your Garena League/TFT account, you're gonna want to know what happens to all your goodies. Read on for answers!

Account Content

Content Post-Migration Action
Emotes Merge
Skins Merge
Champions Merge
Tacticians Merge
Booms Merge
TFT Boards Merge
Icons Merge
Blue/Orange Essence Add
RP Add
Star Shards Add
Loot Inventory Add

Let's cover the big one first: all of your account content (emotes, skins, icons, champions, and even in-game currency like Blue/Orange Essence and RP) will be merged.

For currencies and loot (like Hextech Chests, Event Passes, Clash Tickets, etc.), that means your inventories will simply be added together. You won't lose a single mote of essence!

For other loot that may have duplicates (like skins, emotes, champions, etc.), your inventory will be consolidated to a single copy of each item. But your extra copies won't go to waste! Instead, we'll add up the RP value of the duplicate content and translate it into Welcome Capsules, which you'll automatically receive some time after the migration. It takes a lot of work to build a solid collection twice over, and we want to reward that!

Garena Shells Do NOT Transfer

Since Garena Shells will not transfer over to your Riot League account, we recommend using them to make any planned purchases prior to the progression freeze on January 4th, 2023 (UTC+8). After that point any unspent Garena Shells will be lost, and we will be unable to replace them.


Content Post-Migration Action
Champion Mastery Overwrite
Honor Overwrite
Challenges Overwrite
Ranked History Overwrite
TFT Monsters Attack! Rank/LP Overwrite
Missions Reset
Battle Pass Progress Reset

Keeping your loot is key, but preserving your progress is priceless. That's why we're keeping your Garena League progress mostly intact.

Champion mastery, honor, challenges, and ranked history will all transfer from your Garena League account, overwriting any progress you might have made before the link on your Riot League/TFT account.

Your current League rank and LP, however, will reset. We see the migration as an opportunity for a fresh ranked start, which is why we're starting Ranked Season 13 on the SEA servers shortly after the migration is complete. You can play before then, but your ranked progress will not be tracked.

Missions and Battle Pass Progress across both League and TFT are also getting a full reset! However, we are implementing accelerated mission progress following the migration, and are hoping to do the same for Battle Pass progress.

Social Features

Content Post-Migration Action
Summoner Name Overwrite (only accounts with a played game from Jan 1, 2021 – Jan 4, 2023)
Friend List Overwrite (only migrated friends)

Your summoner name and friend list are core to the League/TFT experience, which is why we'll be making sure your Garena League/TFT information gets priority!

Your Garena League summoner name will be reserved for you if you played at least one game between January 1st, 2021 and January 4th, 2023. In this case, your Riot League summoner name will be overwritten with your existing Garena League summoner name, enabling you to continue your legacy on our new servers.

If you're linking a Garena League/TFT account that has not played a game since January 1st, 2021, you will be prompted to pick a new summoner name upon logging in to your Riot League account post-migration. This can be your old name if it's still available, but if you'd like to keep your Garena League summoner name, get a game in before the migration!

Your Garena League friend list will overwrite your Riot League friend list, but it will only be populated with friends who have also migrated! If you're not seeing your friends right away, don't sweat it—we'll continue to add more names as they migrate.

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