Chat Moderation - What happens when players use words from the Blocked List

There are just some things you shouldn’t really say to another living, breathing fellow human being. Some of those things are somewhat innocuous words combined in a specific context with enough typos that our system can’t always catch.

However, some of those things are blatant words that we can put into a handy Blocked List that we can use to catch the most blatantly offensive offenses.

Here’s some info on what happens when you (or another player) uses one of these Blocked List terms.

What’s a Blocked List word?

We won’t publish this list. Just think extremely harmful, offensive, or abusive. Not your typical curse word.

I used a Blocked List word! What will happen to me?

You’ll be instantly muted for the rest of the game.

Our system intercepts your entire message before it’s even sent, and you will receive this information in the chat:
You are unable to use chat for the rest of the game due to using zero-tolerance language.

Your teammates will receive the following message, so they’re aware your communication is limited:
We've filtered a message from [PlayerName] for containing zero-tolerance language. They are muted for the rest of the game and will no longer see any chat messages.

Your teammates cannot manually unmute you.

You won’t receive any other automatic penalties and this won't affect your Honor level, but if a player reports you, your account will be assessed for further penalties.

OK, if I’m muted and can’t read the chat, how am I supposed to strategize with my team?

You can still see and use pings!

To avoid system mutes in the future, remember to be civil towards your fellow League players. You’re a team, after all. Remember that’s a fellow human with a whole, textured, nuanced life that you’re talking to on the other side of that chat! We always hope they’ll extend that same courtesy to you so everyone can focus on doing their best.

I saw someone get muted for saying a swear word–do we get muted for any curse words now?

No, random curses are not likely to trigger the system. If you saw the message, that wasn't the one that triggered the mute; messages that would trigger the mute are intercepted so you won’t see them.

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